About Us

Sunrise World News, Inc. is a New York-based television news company providing newspackages, international correspondents and technical services to broadcasters worldwide. Sunrise specializes in sound and engaging news coverage of international affairs, culture, art and human interest stories.

We count on a group of foreign correspondents, university professors and scholars committed to improving television coverage of historical trends in other continents and global issues pertaining to human aspirations and achievements.

On top of video news, we also provide:

    * Exclusive documentaries,

    * Recruiting highly-talented broadcast and print journalists to work as foreign correspondents and foreign desk editors.
    * On-the-job professional training for foreign correspondents working in multi-lingual and multi-cultural environments.
    * Distribution in the Americas of print, broadcast, and multimedia news provided by foreign correspondents and news agencies.

    * Professional seminars on news reporting, media technologies, foreign affairs, religious news, and international journalism.