National Geographic Society celebrates 125th anniversary

For decades National Geographic has been synonymous with amazing photographs that express emotions, reality, the past and the present. Now, this photographic exhibit marks 125 years since the National Geographic Society was founded. More than a century of research and of amazing photographs.



National Geographic, Chief Editor (Italy)

“A lot of people think of National Geographic as a photography magazine, but it's actually much more than that. It is a magazine with photographs, but it's also a magazine that shows readers the story of the world as seen through different points of view. From the anthropological and cultural to the archeological, scientific and social.”


So, to celebrate 125 years, 125 photographs were selected for the exhibit in Rome's Palazzo delle Esposizioni. It's divided into different sections. From the power of nature to ancient civilizations and everything in between.



National Geographic, Chief Editor (Italy)

“We have a section on science, and on the violent earth, which focuses on the sheer power of mother nature. Then we have another section on historic rescues. Every single photograph shows the type of work the Society is involved with.”


But what exactly makes these photographs so special and why do they have such a universal appeal? The magazine's chief editor says, it's all about respect and involvement.



National Geographic, Chief Editor (Italy)

“Our photographers don't just go in to take a few shots and then leave. They build a relationship with people, animals and with nature. It has to do with respect. So before taking photographs they try to understand what the situation is and then they become immersed in it.”


It's that universal connection that makes these photographs much more than simple snapshots. They are meant to inspire and ultimately, they make up an album on humanity and modern history.








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