Unique Opera show enjoyed on the streets on Rome

January 10, 2012. More than 700,000 people have already enjoyed  this unique opera show. It's called Toccata and Fuga and so far its been enjoyed in New York, Tokyo, Buenos Aires and Shanghai. Now the city of Rome is also part of that list.

From the monumental Scala theater in Milan, to the streets of the city, the show has seen all types of venues. Pieces by Verdi, Puccini and Rossini, are sung with piano music in the background.

So far, the show has attracted both children and adults.

“It seems very nice. It's a way to keep the Opera alive. It's a way for the youth to enjoy it, which is a good lesson.”

“I have been to Paris and there it's something normal. Here in Rome it's something new. We're taking after them.”

“Not all young people like it. It all has to do with education. Many people aren't interested in culture and I think that's bad. People should be more open to it.”

With this show, music that's usually only heard by the elite is now available for all to hear.

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