A look inside a refugee camp in Lebanon

September 14, 2012. This is a refugee camp in Lebanon. It's here, in these tents, that thousands of Syrians are looking to start a new life, after leaving everything behind. 


“With 17 of us living in one house how are we supposed to sleep?  We don't have clothes, how are the men going to dress? I don't complain; I thank God,” says Um Ahmed, a syrian refugee in Lebanon.



For now, neighboring Lebanon has become the temporary home for tens of thousands of Syrians.

In fact, the ongoing civil war has forced many Muslims and also Christians to flee. As a minority of only ten percent, some say they've felt threatened by radical Islamist groups. So, most have migrated to Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq. Others have moved within Syria. 



World Food Program, Lebanon 

“WFP is responding to this emergency by providing food assistance to more than 1.5 million Syrians inside the country.”


The northern part of Lebanon is where most Syrians are finding refuge. That includes Tripoli and the Bekaa Valley. Their main goal is to simply survive. As the number of refugees increase, the World Food Program, has also had to increase its assistance. 



World Food Program, Lebanon 

“Through vouchers, through in kind food distributions or hot meals as the situation would require.”


The World Food Program is providing assistance to roughly 33,000 refugees in Lebanon. By the month of December, if the conflict continues and refugees continue to flee, the number is expected to rise to 40,000 people. 


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