Leonardo da Vinci’s St. John the Baptist: From Paris to Rome


January 19, 2010. This exhibition featuring more than 120 masterpieces just got a little more powerful. It’s called “Power and Grace, the patron saints of Europe” and along with Caravaggio and Murrillo’s work, visitors can now admire what’s believed to be Leonardo daVinci’s last known work of art, a painting of St. John the Baptist.

This unique exhibition tells Europe’s history through stories of its saints. Da Vinci depicts St. John, the patron saint of Florence Italy, with his right hand and index finger pointing towards the heavens.

The painting shows St. John with an elusive smile, a smile reminiscent of Da Vinci’s most famous painting the Mona Lisa.

In fact both masterpieces share a home in Paris. But thanks to an agreement between Palazzo Venezia and the Louvre Musuem, Da Vinci’s St. John the Baptist can leave an impression on those who visit the Eternal City too.

A painting, that most likely marked the last time Da Vinci picked up a brush.


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