Members of Syrian opposition gather in Rome to ask for a political solution

July 31, 2012. This man is a member of one of Syria's opposition forces. He came to Rome with a group of other political activists, who simply want the violence in their country to stop. In fact, some of them have been jailed in the past for speaking out. 


They all signed and then read a resolution, during their visit to the Saint Egidio Community, where they all call for a political solution.




“We address all Syrians, particularly the youth: We will build our future with our hands. Together let us build a democratic, civil, peaceful and pluralistic Syria.”


Among other things, they call for the United Nations to be the only international entity to organize humanitarian assistance in Syria. 



Sant'Egidio Community (Italy)

“What solution can more weapons and more violence bring? More violence? The question is what will truly lead to democracy?”


For the past year and a half, a civil conflict has turned into a civil war. More than 25,000 people have died, and up to a million have been displaced. 


Like other recent uprisings in the Middle East, the situation is complicated.  Opponents want a change in government, but this hasn't been welcomed by the ruling party, especially since the Syrian Army was reportedly ordered to open fire on civilians. 



President, Sant'Egidio Community,  (Italy)

“Even when violence seems justified, it destroys the equilibrium of a society and today, that equilibrium in Syrian society is extremely fragile.”



Sant'Egidio Community (Italy)

“They are fighting for a democratic Syria that respects dignity, liberty and justice.”


They're hoping the resolution won't just be symbolic gesture, but one that's taken seriously back at home.


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