A river cruise through the Eternal City

September 17, 2012.  Every year about 12 million tourists visit Italy's capital. We know that all roads lead to Rome, but one of those routes doesn't come by land, but by water. 


The Tiber River runs directly through the city. According to tradition, its shores is where the brothers Romulus and Remus began building the Eternal City.


For those who want to escape the heat when visiting in the summer, a cruise line offers tours through the waters of the Tiber. Since 2003, the company “Battelli di Roma” has been offering tours of the Rome's famous river.


Every year around 70,000 people choose to see the Eternal City by river tours during the spring and summer.



Battelli di Roma

“For a while now now, we've had to reduce the amount of time that we operate in the winter. Because the Tiber is a torrential river, it's not as quiet as the Seine or the Thames. Because of this we only run from April to November.”


Every 30 minutes a boat leaves from a dock by the monument of Castel Sant'Angelo traveling down the current to the famous Tiber Island. During the rise, tourists see some of the highlights of the Eternal City.


“I was very curious to make this journey by boat and the truth is that it's a journey with a lovely view of some very important places like Castel Sant'Angelo. Although all of Rome is beautiful.”


The last ride departs at 7 pm, because two hours later these vessels turn into restaurants.



Battelli di Roma

“On Thursday, Friday and Saturday you can enjoy a typical Roman dinner while navigating the Tiber.”


The cruise ship is a unique way to see the city of Rome while floating down the ancient Tiber River.

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