Roman Holiday: Touring the city made easy with iPad equipped electric cars

For tourists, trying to squeeze all the sites of Rome into one visit can be a daunting task. They will face obstacles such language barriers, soaring summer temperatures, and navigating many of the city's often confusing roads. 

Helping to solve these problems is the company Buzz4Tours, ran by local tour operator Peter Hall. This year he's introduced a fleet of electric cars on the Roman streets in order to help visitors make their tour of the city that much easier.


Peter Hall

Buzz4Tours (Rome, Italy)

“I felt very sorry for all the tourists I keep seeing around the streets with upside down maps and pouring with sweat and all the rest of them feeling very hot and bothered and not knowing where to go. So Buzz has solved that problem because we have an iPad inside the car with a navigator and audio guides.”


By following the iPad instructions, one can navigate their way to the top destinations in Rome. The GPS system gives real time directions in case any wrong turns are made. There is also information on where parking is allowed so that drivers can get out and take photos. 


The iPad also includes 37 points of interest that are pre-loaded on the map. An audio guide helps in giving directions and offering information on some of the museums and art galleries.


Danielle Hagen


“This seems like a really nice way to see the city. It takes it at a little bit quicker pace and it's just easier to get to things rather than spend all day walking from place to place.”


Becca Blackburn


“My favorite part was just being in the traffic and we were able to navigate ourselves where we wanted to go and see all these great sites in Rome.”


To rent the cars, one needs a valid drivers license and must be older than 21 years old. It's a new way to create your own Roman Holiday while visiting the Eternal City.


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