Tourists in Rome are first to use newest Segway model

October 6, 2011. They're called segways. And they are slowly taking over the sidewalks of Rome. They're mostly used by tourists, but the creators have taken it a step further: They launched a new model for disabled people.

It's called “Genny Mobility”. The inventor, Paolo Badano, transformed his wheelchair into this new two-wheeled design.

Although it's still in the testing phase, this Italian company believes that not too far in the future, people with disabilities can use them for everyday chores.

Vittorio Morbelli
President Rome Segway

“There are people who thanks to Genny mobility have returned to taking strolls on the beach or in the snow, as well as shopping at the supermarket completely on their own without the need of help.”

Rome Segways was created in 2008 with the idea of creating something fun and informative for tourists that would at the same time, respect the environment.

The group offers the possibility of following specific routes throughout the city. Depending on the length of the tour, prices vary between 80 and 150 euros.

Marco del Monte
Rome Segway

“There are routes that are away from all the traffic and cars that also show the most beautiful and hidden corners of Rome. I call them 'the treasures of Rome.' We show a different Rome that you can't see by car or bus. These are special routes that show Rome as a beautiful city of beauty and romance.”

Before the start of the tour, everyone learns how to drive the segway. After some practice, the tour begins with a video that's available in six different languages.

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